By Kel-ly


The following story I'm about to tell you is mostly true.  It has been modified only for the purpose of alternate endings.  Also, the pictures may be a bit exaggerated as to the size of my breast at the time.  Enjoy the story.

I have shaggy black hair.  My parents put me up for adoption when I was 10 and I was adopted by this mean old lady named Carol.  She lived in a trailer.  She bought me clothes and things so I can't complain but she really didn't care for me.  I think she just adopted me so she could get child support on her many divorces.

Carol did make quite a bit of money on those divorces.  She could have easily afforded a full furnished house but she wanted to trick the gullible males into thinking she hadn't been married before except to my father, which was obviously a lie.  I asked one thing of Carol and that was to allow me to continue my gymnastic lessons at the YMCA.  She was reluctant but finally agreed when she saw my talents.

I had actually played basketball when I was younger too, but I didn’t want to bother Carol with that because I didn’t really feel like continuing it.  The other guys on the team had always teased me for being so puny and girly.  At least in gymnastics, having a slim figure was considered a good thing.  Anyway, Carol was always driving the trailer to different town and supposedly “falling in love with” various men.  I never did really figure out whether she ever was actually in love with them or just planned the whole divorce scheme.

I always joined the gymnastics team at the school where I was currently enrolled.  I made a few friends but had to quickly give them up.  Carol had no bad feelings about making me continue this cycle for 6 years.  Anyway, our story begins when I arrived at Woolville.  I was enrolled at Woolville Private School.  I’d been mistaken for a girl before so I grew a little beard and mustache for my first day.

“You look like a gay starving artist.  Shave that off and wear a shirt that fits you,” said Carol.  I suppose she had forgotten buying me the shirt.  I just sighed and did as she said.  The walk to school was long that day, especially since I had to wear Carol’s old shoes.  That’s right; she refused to buy me shoes.  She said boys’ shoes are overpriced and her feet are bigger than mine anyway.  Up until now I had my friend Ryan’s old shoes which I just grew out of after leaving his school.  I entered the school and saw the eyes looking at me.  I checked out the girls.  There was this one really hot teacher.  I felt like pinching her ass but that wasn’t cool.  I noticed everyone was in a uniform.

“Awesome,” I thought, “I don’t have to keep up with fashion.”  Some gay guy walked by and checked me out and smiled.  I shuttered.  I didn’t think that guy looked gay until he did that.

As I entered the class, I saw this group of guys talking in one corner of the room.  I decided to go and sit by them and try to join the conversation.  A guy named Justin was saying “Yeah, man.  So this cop pulled me over and was like ‘you don’t look old enough to be smoking.’”  “Damn, dude” was the general reply.

I decided to chime in “I would have been like ‘Go roll in some slop you fuckin’ pig.’”  Everyone started laughing and they asked me my name.  “You’re a funny kid.”

I continued small talking with Justin even after class started.  He told me what things were like around here and asked for my phone number.  I told him I didn’t have a phone and he gave a sad look like he didn’t believe me.  “We can still hang out though.  We’ll just have to make plans here.”

“Yeah,” he said.  Just then a girl came in and handed me a large plastic bag with some plaid clothes in it.

“Kelly, you can go ahead and change, sweetie,” said the teacher.

“Umm…where?” I asked, sort of startled at hearing my full name said like that.

“Just go to the bathroom.  It’s right across the hall.  Do you need someone to show you?” she asked sweetly.

“Oh thanks I’m fine,” I ran out of there kind of embarrassed at not knowing where to change.  I entered the bathroom/locker room across the hall.  I nearly turned around when I saw a girl doing her make-up in there.  Then I realized that some schools have unisex bathrooms.  “Hey,” she said, and I introduced myself.  She offered to help me change.  I figured she was coming onto me and said “Sure!” with exclamation and everything.  Her name was Vanessa and she was a fine cheerleader.  “Boxers?” she said giving me a weird look.

“I can take off more if you want to get nasty,” I said, ruining the moment and my chances with this girl.

“Oh my god!” she said and walked swiftly away.  I decided not to let that delay me from putting the uniform on.  I started with the shirt.  It was just a plain white shirt.  It fit me very well.  I never even told them my size.  Next, I put on the sweater.  Suddenly, I noticed a garment that I was unfamiliar with.  “I guess I’ll save it for last.”  I put on the socks next, which came up to my knees.  And then I put my own shoes on.  I noticed the lack of pants.  All that was left was what I realized was a skirt.  “It must be one of those practical jokes for the new kids," I figured, “I’ll just change back to my other clothes.”  I went to my locker only to find my clothes were missing.  Someone had written “LEZ” in sharpie.  I don’t even know what that means, but I guess it must have been that girl who I tried to get on or maybe the same practical jokers.  I walked over to the mirror and stared at myself for a minute or too.  I made kissy faces at myself.  I had always dreamt of cross-dressing.

I guessed I’d just have to face the laughter like all the other new kids.  I walked into the room holding onto where my pockets would be if I had pockets.  Nobody laughed but they looked at me as I walked back to my seat.  As I passed one guy he said “girls like here make this dress code worth it.”  I don’t know who he was talking about.

I took my seat behind Justin.  He turned around and said “here, let me get that for you,” and he buttoned up my sweater.  I heard one other guy laughed but at the time I was listening sharply for any laughter in the room.  Justin smiled at me “so do you like the uniform?”  I was like “fuck you.”  A few other guys heard this and started rolling on the floor in laughter.  Justin just laughed and said, “Wow, you’re hilarious.  Marry me.”  At that moment it struck me.  I was being mistaken for a girl.  After class I approached Justin, “Dude, you gotta help me.  I’m not a girl.  They gave me the wrong uniform!”

“Ha ha, I know your type.  You just hate skirts, right?  They’re too preppy?  Well don’t worry cuz you look fuckin’ hot in them,” he said and walked away.  I waited and through every class they all assumed I was female.  During lunch I went to the office and told them the mistake and the woman said they could order me a new uniform but it would be a while before she got them in.  I told her my name and she said “mmm-hmm.” And I left.  Somehow I got the feeling she thought I was joking.  At school I found out there was no gymnastics team, but the school mascot got to do a lot of gymnastics and tryouts were today.  I went around after school looking for a sign and I saw a big one that read “Mascot and cheerleader tryouts.”  I luckily brought my leotard under my clothes which I pretty much always used to do, even at the grocery store.  It made me feel like Superman, with a suit under my clothes, and it also made it seem like I didn’t have man-boobs to an extent.  I also tied my hair in a ponytail to a side.

I walked in there and did my routine to some music.  The applause was incredible.  “Congratulations, Kelly, you made the team.”  I was ecstatic “thank you so much” and I hopped all over the place.  I asked what they meant by team later and told them I go by Kel.  They just laughed and told me to talk to Tiffany in the locker room.  Thankfully, I knew where the locker room was.  Tiffany seemed like an enthusiastic individual and she handed me a uniform.  “Umm…this is a cheerleading uniform,” I said, “I’m the mascot.”  She explained to me that some guy named Tom was mascot and cheerleader is better anyway.  “But I might be perceived as gay,” I pleaded, recalling how we used to treat the male cheerleaders at former schools.

Tiffany suddenly got serious, “Oh, you mean because of Vanessa?  Well don’t worry; we don’t think you’re a lez just because you might have made some joke to her.”

“A lez?” I was puzzled.

Tiffany ignored my question and said, “Hey everybody, this is Kelly.  She’s new and she’s not a lesbian.”  I felt humiliated.  Even if I were a girl I’m sure I still would.

“I’m a guy!” I angrily said.

“Umm…maybe in your head.  We call that a dike around here,” said Vanessa, in a catty way.  On this catty note, I thought ‘hey I can get her to attack me and maybe we’ll end up making out.’

“Bring it, bitch!” I shouted and got in a fighting position.

She leaped on top of me and knocked me to the floor.  She had her knees on my thighs and was slapping me.  I grabbed her back so that she was laying on top of me and just held on to her tightly.  She grunted and started biting my face.  Suddenly I noticed the expression on her face and realized she felt my boner.  She got up.

“Oh my god!  That is a guy,” she said to everyone.  They all looked at me.  Suddenly Tiffany, who had missed seemingly everything came over and told us all we had to get in our uniforms right now.  For once I wasn’t surprised to pull out a girls uniform and put it on.  Vanessa gave me a look of disbelief.

I felt like a fat clown when I looked in the mirror.  I didn’t think cross-dressing would be like this.  I suppose I should have done it in private first.  As we entered the gym I couldn’t unfix the gazes of everyone.  As a result, I kind of messed up on the routine.  I felt like such a fool.  I already made the squad though so I wasn’t too worried.  As we were going back to the locker room one of the girls, Jessica, approached me and said, “Look, I don’t feel comfortable with you in the girls’ locker room.  Can you go to the guys’ one?”

“Umm…okay, as soon as I grab my clothes.”  I went and took my clothes from my locker and turned around to see Tiffany in front of me.  “You’re too pretty to be a guy.”

“Are you like here as a joke or something?” asked Vanessa.

“No,” I said, “it was all a mistake.  I tried out for mascot and they thought I was a girl.”  I heard some “Oh-my-gah”s and some giggling.  Suddenly Vanessa looked really apologetic and told me where my clothes were.  At that moment all the cheerleaders started making jokes with me and getting used to me and it was great.

“Hey, I’m having a party tonight.  There’s going to be beer.  Do you want to come?  It’s a sleepover, and I’m pretty sure you’re not going to hit on us,” said a ridiculously hot cheerleader, Kristen.

“Don’t be so sure,” I said, “but I’ll be there,” I said, walking out.  I was so excited that I almost forgot to change.  ‘I’m getting laid tonight!’ was the only thought that occupied my head.  I walked into the boys’ locker room.  The thought had not occurred to me that there might be people in there.  I stopped in my steps in front of some huge jocks.

“Whoa, shit!  You’re a pro-active one.  What’s your name?” said one of them standing to the side, surprised.  His name was Chris.

“So what are you doing in here?” he asked.

“Umm…the girl’s toilets aren’t working and I really have to go,” I said, rushing past him.  I flew into the stall and shut the door.  Unfortunately, it had no lock.  I just held it shut as I started changing.  I heard the sound of people leaving and let go of the door figuring I was safe.  Suddenly, Chris came into the stall.  “I heard about you from Vanessa,” he said, “Do you want everyone to know about this?”

“No,” I replied.

“Then come in the shower with me,” he demanded.  I really had no choice but to do what he said.  I kept on my bra and panties.  I tucked my dick under and checked myself in the mirror.  I was looking fine, I thought.

“You know this is blackmail,” I said.

“Don’t worry.  I just wanted to see…amazing.”

“Can I go now?” I asked, nervously.  Suddenly he pulled down his boxers revealing a…vagina.  I looked up and realized he was most definitely a she.  I guess she came off as muscular because of the comparison to her feminine face.

“But…how?” I was dumbfounded.

“Chris is short for Christina.  My parents didn’t want me to be shunned like a lesbian in a high school so they made an arrangement with the school.  I usually stay back behind and take my shower after everyone else.  The guys joke that I probably have a small penis or something.  I don’t really care,” said Chris, “I’m glad to see someone in the same general situation.”

“Actually, this is just a mistake.  I don’t want to be a girl or anything.  I mean I guess I have a little fetish but this has just all been a mistake,” I said, heading back to the bathroom stall.

“Well, hey can I get your number?  In case you need any help or anything?”  So I gave my number to her or him or whatever.  I was kind of freaked out by the whole thing but I figured I might need someone to talk to so that made me a little bit more comfortable.  I got back into my regular clothes and walked home.

“Mom!” I shouted to Carol.  She would get mad whenever I didn’t call her mom.  I heard some noises coming from her bedroom.  As I walked toward it, I noticed a pair of shoes and a coat on the couch.  Whenever Carol was with a man, she did not want to be bothered.  I went to the refrigerator to look for something to eat.  All I found was a little Handi-snack pack.  I ate it and went to my room.  I was still very hungry and not tired at all.  I lied on my bed until about 6:00 and then I remembered the party at Kristen’s house.  Having no idea what the address was, I searched frantically in my backpack for a school directory.  I found it but then realized I didn’t know her last name.  Fortunately, there was an ad for supporting the cheerleaders on the inside cover: Kristen Mitchell.  I hoped she was serious, but I didn’t really care.  I had to get out of there.  I went to the kitchen and wrote Carol a note: “Gone to a sleepover.  Will be back early tomorrow.”  I also wrote the house number down.  I flew out of the trailer and ran to her house.  I was so out of breath by the time I got to her house that I sat down on the front porch steps without ringing the doorbell.

I heard it open before I could catch my breath.  “Who are you?  Kristen, I said no boys!”  Kristen’s mom said this as I turned around.  It was so relieving to finally have someone realize I was a boy.

“Oh no, mom, that’s just Kelly.  She’s a tomboy,” said Kristen, coming to the door in some sexy pajamas.

“Oh God, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay,” I said, “happens all the time.”

Kristen walked me into the basement where everyone was.  “Oh-my-gah!” said Suki, a really hot asian, “he actually looks like a guy.”

Jessica came up to me with a grin, “We can take care of that.”  The girls all came at me at once and started to give me a makeover.  I didn’t mind.  It actually got pretty hot when they started taking off my clothes.  Kristen didn’t have any extra pajamas so they just gave me a shirt and panties to wear.

I can’t say that I didn’t start acting more girlie after the first hour there.  We painted each other’s nails and did each other’s hair.  I really just wanted to make out with somebody so I suggested “truth or dare”.

“Great idea!” said Kristen with glee, “my dad’s a cop and he has a lie detector”.   So we went into a smaller room, 5 cheerleaders and me.  “Since you suggested, Kel, you can start.”

“Okay,” I said, “Kristen, truth or dare.”

“Truth,” she said.  I really wanted her to choose dare.  She hooked herself up to the lie detector and told Jessica to monitor it.

“Umm…” I was trying to think of a good one, “do I honestly look like a girl?”

“Yes,” she said, “that was easy.”  Jessica verified it was the truth.  The girls went around truth and daring each other until it got back to me.

“Kel, truth or dare?” said Tiffany.

“Dare!” I said, hoping I’d get to make out with someone.

“I dare you to try this on,” she said, pulling out an outfit, “with these extensions.”  I sighed.

“Wow, you look hot it that.  You can keep the extensions!” she exclaimed.  My turn came and I asked Jessica, who of course chose truth.  “Umm…who do have a crush on?” was all I could come up with.  She said Justin, which was verified to be true.  I told her I knew him and she got really excited.

On my next turn I was asked by Suki.  I chose dare again and she asked me to dress up as Tifa from Final Fantasy 7.  I used to love that game so I knew exactly what to pick out of Kristin’s wardrobe.  They gave me some long extensions too.  I felt like I was putting on a fashion show.

“That’s really cute,” she said.  I asked Tiffany the next one.  She chose dare.  ‘Finally’ I thought.

“I dare you to make out with me,” everyone laughed including Tiffany, but she agreed and we went in the closet.  It was the first time I’d ever been made out with and it felt damn good.  I didn’t know whether or not it was because I was dressed like a girl but it was awesome.

Since I was satisfied, when it came to me next I chose truth and was put on the lie detector.  I felt chills going up my spine as I realized the secret they could discover.  But figuring they knew a lot already, I wasn’t completely worried.

Vanessa thought carefully before asking but then a look came over her face like she had just thought of the most amazing idea.  “Okay, Kel, tell me this.  Do you think about becoming a girl at least once a day?”

“No way!” I responded immediately.

“That’s a lie,” said Jessica.

“No, I’m serious.”

“I mean the lie detector says that’s a lie…Kelly,” she said my name with a smile.

“You know, I don’t have to take this,” I said.

“What are you going to do, big strong man?” asked Vanessa with sarcasm.  It was at this moment I felt like everyone was secretly mocking me and no one had any interest in me as a person.  Without thinking I picked up a pillow from a couch and chucked it at Vanessa.  It knocked her clear off of her seat.  I seriously could not live with my self if I actually hit a girl.  That probably explains why I was so horribly beaten by the following fight.  I guess for that moment they saw me as a guy and a bully because they didn’t seem to hold back as all jumped on me and tied me up.  On the plus side, this was another fetish of mine so I got a massive erection.

“Look what you did!  You put a hole in my panties,” said Kristen, as she slapped me.  I couldn’t help realizing this was all just in fun.

“Let me go.”

“Suck my tit.”

“Okay.”  As strange as it sounds, she took out her boob and stuck it in my mouth until I nearly gagged on it.  “You’re just another perve, aren’t you?”

“Yep,” I said in fun.

“Hey Vanessa, what should we do to this perve,” I noticed as she said this that Kristen was putting handcuffs on me, probably from her father.

“Let’s castrate him,” she said.  I laughed.  Remarkably Jessica came over with a large pair of hedge clippers.  “Don’t worry, Kelly.  It’ll only hurt a little and then you’ll be a real girl.

“Yo, I was just playing.  I seriously don’t want to be a girl.  And I definitely don’t want my dick chopped off!” I screamed.

“The lie detector doesn’t lie,” she said, moving the clippers toward my genitals.

Suddenly I woke up.  I guess I must have passed out right after the pillow fight.  What a weird dream.  I checked for my dick and it was there and hard as ever.  And it had every reason to be.  Three girls were lying on top of me, and one more was holding my hand in between her tits.  I guess they thought I was going to attack them.  I felt bad.  I got up and went to the bathroom to change.  When I got out, everyone was up jumping on the trampoline and listening to girlie music.

“Hey what happened to your make-up and clothes?” asked Suki.

“I washed up,” I said, “but I still have the extensions.  Listen, I have to go, but I’ll see you all at school on Monday.”

            And so I went home to find that Carol wasn’t home.  I decided to take the opportunity to spend that morning cross-dressing in her closet.  I put on one of her outfits.  I applied the make-up but it didn’t look quite as good as last night.

I took a picture of myself in the mirror.  It was a Polaroid camera so I knew no one would see it.  I dug through Carol’s clothes looking for a skirt or a dress.  I was so desperate for one but I found nothing. 

My boner went away and I turned on the TV.  I saw a lot of clothing ads.  ‘If I want good cross-dressing clothes, I need to buy them myself.  I need a job.’ 

And so the next day I went job hunting everywhere.  I finally found one at Sonic, this huge drive-in chain.  They said you need to know how to skate and I was pretty good so I took the job.  One of the managers, Eddy, who seemed like kind of a pervert, told me I should dress more ladylike if I want to get good tips.  I told him “I’m a guy” and he said “I know, I saw your application.” 

So the weekend went by and on Monday, I was ready for school.  I put on make-up at school right before bell, with my friends, and the extensions I’d gotten the night before.  I felt so much more confident.

Justin asked me to the Halloween ball, which was the following Saturday.  At first it seemed a little gay, but then I realized we were just friends and nothing was going to happen.  So I accepted.  I had also gotten used to going to the girl’s restroom sitting down. 

This girl Heather asked me why I didn’t carry a purse and I told her that it was too much weight for my feminine build.  Of course I didn’t want to carry a purse because that’s just too girlish. 

The way I saw it, I was going to yank off my disguise any day and tell everyone I’m a guy and give them a big laugh.  I’d be the jokester of the school.  Of course I hadn’t ruled out the possibility that Carol might decide we need to move.  After school I went to cheerleading.  We practiced out pyramid while the jocks were doing their football practice.  I saw Chris looking over at me and smiling so I smiled back.

The coach told me that I’m one of the best cheerleaders the Woolville Wolves has ever had.  I amazed everyone with my acrobatics.  I gave the jocks a few panty shots just for tease.  According to the other girls, I was the talk of the school.  Not that anyone knew I was a guy, but that all the guys wanted to do me.  ‘Oh boy are they going to be surprised’ I laughed to myself.  I got a ride home from Tiffany.  I wanted to walk, but she insisted.  It would have been embarrassing to tell her I lived in a trailer park so I had her drop me off around the corner.  I waved her goodbye and I walked home.

“Hello!” I shouted as I walked inside, “Carol!”  I would have been satisfied even if she got mad at me calling her that.  I just wanted a response.  I suddenly realized I was still wearing my cheerleading uniform, and I rushed to my room to change.  The house remained silent.  I walked to the kitchen and saw a note:


Dear Kel,

                                                            I have some good news!  The trailer

is all yours. I fell in love with a man named Greg and

we’re headed for Vegas to get married.  There’s a

bunch of frozen pizzas in the fridge.  I hope you’re 

thankful, you little brat. Ha ha!





She drew a smiley face at the bottom.  I suppose it was to symbolize the laughing.  I sighed.  I can’t say I really missed Carol at all, but this was all very sudden and I realized I had no way of paying the bills or managing the trailer.  Heck, I had no driver’s license.   It was then that I remembered I had to go to sonic today.  I walked down there in my regular guy clothes because I figured Eddy probably had something for me to change into.  And of course I was right.  He had a mini-skirt and a tight girls’ sonic shirt waiting for me.

Being a guy and all, I never thought about how hard it would be to skate in a mini-skirt.  I did my best, though.  I knew I was going to need money so I flirted with the guys and the girls and got about sixty dollars in tips.  One guy said he’d give me ten if I took off my skirt, but I’m pretty sure he was joking.  The sixty dollars turned out to be plenty to pay for that day’s expenses, especially since I walked to work.

The next thing on my mind was the Halloween ball.  I went to Target and found a nice witch costume.  I was sick of dressing like a girl and this costume was really more like a robe so I was satisfied.  The day before the ball, I met up with my friends to show off our costumes.  I have to say, I felt kind of awkward.  Their costumes were a lot more stylish than mine.  I realized mine looked sort of cheap and childish.  I really just wanted to look like a cross-dressing guy for once so I wouldn’t be the only one at the ball.  Of course theirs would be seen as funny because they’re the “secure in our masculinity” crew.

Anyway, the girls didn’t diss my costume, but I could tell they were kind of taken aback.  When I noticed this, I simply said “I’m a guy” and got a huge laugh from them.  After a while, though, they started looking at me again.  Kristen just kept smiling at me.  I frowned back, but that just made her shake her head at me while still smiling.

“Kelly, do you have any money?” asked Vanessa.

“Yeah,” I said, “from my job at Sonic.”

“I didn’t know you worked!  That sucks,” said Jessica.

“Umm…I guess.  Why’d you ask if I had money?”  I thought maybe they knew about the trailer park somehow, but it actually wasn’t that at all.

“Because then we can go shopping!” Vanessa exclaimed, “At that really cool costume shop in the mega mall.”

“Yeah, sure.  I don’t see why not,” I actually did see why not.  I already had a costume.  Why did I need another?  So we went to this really crazy looking place in the mall with all this Halloween stuff that looked so real.  I had taken off my costume and left it at Jessica’s house.  We walked over to the costumes.  “Here’s what you want,” said Kristen, holding up a witch costume that seemed to look just like mine.  I really didn’t see the difference but we bought it anyway, because I didn’t want to seem cheap.

I tried it on later and I umm…saw the difference.  So did Justin.  On the night of the ball, he asked where to pick me up and I gave him a street name and said “by the stop sign”.  He just okayed me and picked me up at that spot with no questions.  I did a lot of dancing at the ball with various guys, but mostly Justin.  I danced with Chris and s/he asked me how things were going.  I took that opportunity to tell Chris about the trailer park and everything.  S/he told me that I should just come out with it.  My friends should understand or else they’re not very good friends.  It was really nice having Chris to talk to.  I saw all the cheerleaders there too.  I made a joke to Vanessa that we should make out for fun and she just made some sarcastic comment that I barely heard. 

Afterward we went to this overlook in Justin’s neighborhood and got drunk.  He started saying how pretty I was and before I knew it we were making out.  I didn’t know what was going on.  “I’m straight, right?” I questioned myself.  I don’t really remember what happened after that.  I remember giving Justin directions to my house, though.  That’s how he found out I lived in a trailer.  At the moment, I didn’t care at all what he knew.  I just wanted to get home without walking.  I’m pretty sure I threw up in the toilet and pass out into my bed.

The next morning when I woke up, and noticed I was in an angel costume for some reason.  I had no recollection.  I looked on my bed and saw the gloves for the witch costume. 

I went to the bathroom only to see my puke.  I noticed there was cum in it.  Did I give Justin head?  I flushed that shit, got changed, and started practicing gymnastics outside.  Sunday was pretty uneventful.

On Monday it was a casual day for pep rally week so I borrowed an outfit from Suki.  We were almost exactly the same size.  She let me borrow these really long boots and showed me how to comb my hair the way she did: halfway over her face.  I always thought it looked pretty hot on her so I did it.  I decided to wear the gloves from the witch costume to cover up my absence of nail polish.

“Oh yeah and Kel, I heard about where you live.  It’s okay,” she said,

“What?  You found out?  From who?” the only person I’d told was Chris.

“Justin said he gave you a ride there last night,” she responded, looking down.

“Yeah, well, I have something else to tell you all today at cheer practice,” I said and left.  That day, I got more attention than I’d ever gotten.  I think the only people Justin told about the trailer were my friends.  To everyone else, however, he just bragged that I gave him head.  Therefore, every guy was hitting on me and a lot of girls were giving me that “slut!” look.  The guidance counselor called me up and asked if I was drinking.  They said they were asking everybody, but I didn’t see anyone else getting pulled out of class.  It was because Justin was so busy spreading this that he overlooked the trailer park so I decided not to tell anyone he was lying.  That day at cheer practice I told everyone about how Carol went away and I didn’t have enough money to retain my lifestyle and pay the bills.   I told Chris at school and even Justin in homeroom.  It turned out everyone had a place for me to stay.  I was given these choices.

1.                          Justin: His older sister owns an apartment near the school that I can stay at if I split the rent.  She’s really cool and he always stops by and says he will even more if I’m there.  On the downside, Justin likes me, and I’m pretty straight, or am I?

2.                          Chris: S/he asked her parents if I could stay there and they said it was fine but I’d have to take the basement.  I wouldn’t have to pay any living expenses and I had a family to talk to.  But what’s with Chris?  Do I like a girl who’s more man than me?

3.                          Tiffany: I could live with her and her voodoo gothic crazy roommate.  It’s free room and board with two very hot women, but what if her roommate rubs off on her or something.  I’ve also seen Barbies in her room.  That’s kind of immature.

4.                          Kristen: Her parents like me and say I could stay there if anything ever happened.  She likes to dress me up and seems like she is more attracted to me than the other girls.  On the downside, she might use her lie detector so I can never lie to her again.

5.                          Suki: She has her own apartment and gets very lonely.  She has some of the same interests as me, like anime and video games.  She wants to take me cosplaying.  I’ve never been.  On her downside, I think she wants me to be like her a little too much.

6.                          Jessica: Her parents are filthy rich.  If she wants someone to stay there, they’ll let her.  She said they’ll buy me everything and will probably put me through college too.  Of course, she said this in a tone like she was trying to outdo everyone else.  She could be lying or just guessing about the whole thing.

7.                          Vanessa: She has a pool house in the backyard that no one uses.  She said she could bring me food all the time without anyone noticing.  On the downside, she has sort of a superior attitude problem.


And so you can choose the ending.  In reality, I only had one choice.  See if you can guess which one it is.  The alternate endings will be coming soon.