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Other TG Links

Links to other sites you may enjoy.

www.sixpacksite.com - Website of incredible TG author Joe Six-Pack.
www.fictionmania.com - The main tg story archive on the internet.
www.elgoonishshive.com - Web comic that features enough TG to continuously hold my interest.
www.magicalsailorfuku.net - Cute little TG site about little boys turning into girls.  Contains a good variety of different media.

If you are ever shut out in the cold, come to me and I'll find you a nice large frilly dress to warm you.  Just don't try to take it off again.

"My dear, you make a lovely bride.  I can't believe you even considered continuing life as a man.  You would be cheating so many people by not gracing them with your sweet feminine presence." -Your future spouse